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Seba Med Baby Cleansing Soap: Net Weight – 100gm, *Product Description: Sebamed Baby Cleansing 100% Soap and alkali free for gentle total baby hygiene. Its PH value of 5.5 and mild emollient formula supports the moisture balance of baby’s skin and the development of the skin’s biologically protective acid mantle, which is consolidated in the first months after birth. Promotes the development of the acid mantle, Ensuring your baby’s skin is protected from bacteria’s is the acid mantle, this soap develops promotes its promotion, Protect against Dryness and Irritation, This replenishes your baby’s skin with moisture and protects it against dryness and irritation. Free from chemicals & Color Additives, Keeping in mind the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, this soap is chemical and color additives free. Nourishes & Hydrates Skin, A baby’s skin is usually stripped of the essential nutrients and moisture, this soap nourishes and hydrates the skin thoroughly. Supports Natural Lipid Balance, Maintaining the moisture level of, this cleansing bar supports natural lipid balance and prevents dehydration of the baby’s skin. Stimulates Regeneration of Skin, Cleaning your baby’s body of all the dead skin, This Sebamed Cleansing Bar stimulated regeneration of skin. *Used for: Face and Body Wash *Gender: Baby boy and girl *Skin Type: Normal Skin and All Type Skin *Original Product – Imported from Dubai

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