CERELAC 6 MONTH wheat apple 300g

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For infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months, the Nestle Cerelac Wheat Cereal is a good complementary food item for essential nutrients. It contains 18 vitamins and minerals, along with iron, to ensure that you raise a healthy individual.


This is an iron-rich food item for your child. With just two servings, you can provide 75% iron that your baby needs daily.

18 Nutrients

With the Nestle Cerelac Wheat Cereal, feed your child 18 essential nutrients that include minerals and vitamins.


This baby food item has the rich goodness of cereal and milk.

Consult a Health Worker

For babies, the ideal food is a mother’s milk. However, if you choose this complementary food item, then consult a health worker first. Also, infant food isn’t the only source of nourishment for your baby.

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