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If you are a passionate cook and love calling friends and family home for dinner, then this electric rice cooker from Bajaj is what you need. This 2.8L rice cooker makes your task of cooking for a large crowd easy. So bring home this electric cooker and make the best use of it by organizing get-togethers.

A Variety of Rice Dishes
With this electric rice cooker, you can make tasty and well-cooked rice delicacies like fried rice, pulao, biryani and lemon rice. Cooking plain, well-cooked rice with this cooker is as easy as pie. So make the most out of this electric rice cooker and surprise your friends and family with your cooking skills.

Steamed Vegetables
If there are any health-conscious folks in your family, then you can make tasty and flavorful steamed vegetables for them in this electric cooker. Cooking rice and vegetables in this cooker is easy and consumes less time when compared to a pressure cooker.

Auto Cook and Keep Warm Functions
With this electric cooker, you won’t have to stay inside your kitchen waiting for the rice to cook. All you have to do plug in the switch and relax. Once the rice is cooked, this electric rice cooker keeps the rice warm for a long duration.

This Bajaj electric rice cooker looks simple and is ergonomically designed. Its white body looks classy and blends well with almost all types of kitchen decor.


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